The Choristers & Students

Student singing 2006 03Any person, any age!
If you can speak, you can sing.
If you can hear, you can sing in tune!
If you already sing well, you can sing even better!


Not just tall tales, come out to our rehearsals or sign up for private voice lessons. Once you experience voice production with Cheryl Balay, you’ll soon be singing her praises.


Students are accepted into Cheryl Balay’s voice studio from the age of eight years old and up, while the choir Sound Opportunity is exclusively an adult group.


Carols, Alberta Legislature, Christmas 2012
Carols, Alberta Legislature, Christmas 2012

The singers in Sound Opportunity come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing with them great diversity and various vocal skill levels. The repertoire is challenging enough to ensure continual learning opportunities are given to each chorister, while the rehearsal process is complete enough to bring a level of comfort and confidence even to the newest singer. Solo opportunities are afforded throughout the season, where individual talents are showcased.